I love my work. And I love my clients.

(…and hopefully they love me too!)

The Little Campus

“It’s so great to work with Kathleen. It’s like she can read our minds and is able to elegantly translate it all into beautifully crafted sentences. It sure makes our life easier.” – Carl Mercier & Tami Zuckerman, Co-Founders

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I am Despina

“Kathleen is such a pleasure to work with. She manages to capture my voice so accurately and in such a clever and witty way. She has such amazing ideas and brings me in directions I never thought I would go — but they always make sense for what we are trying to convey. Using Kathleen’s services has made my life so much easier, and I feel like I found a gem.” – Despina Zanganas, Realtor

BeautyNext Group 

“I’ve worked with Kathleen on many print and web projects, and have found her to be very creative, professional, and timely. She has really helped us create a voice for several of our brands, one that is unique to our products and particular needs. Kathleen’s work has resonated with our clients, as our most recent publication of an in-house magazine has only received compliments on its content and overall composition.” -Mariam White, Senior Vice President

DonDon Izakaya

“I have been working with Kathleen to create copy for our restaurant’s menu, website, and social media pages. She always knows what we want. And she has great creativity. She has responded quickly to our requests and has been a pleasure to work with. I will continue to use her for all of our copy needs.” -K. Maruyama, Restaurant Owner

Coco Montreal

“Kathleen has been one of Coco Montreal’s English proofreaders for years. As a proofreader, she demonstrates a high level of expertise. She is independent, hard working, and a great team player. She welcomes feedback and takes the time to respond to questions thoroughly. Kathleen is probably one of the best proofreaders I have ever met and I highly recommend her!” -Hiromi Yamazaki, Editor

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