The Voice You’ve Been Searching For

Hi, my name is Kathleen O’Hagan. I’m a Toronto-based copywriter & editor who loves words, languages, books, and–yes–grammar too! I adore getting creative—from conceiving a catchy headline to finessing a Facebook post to picking the perfect piece of punctuation.

Also, I’m fast. My services are affordable. And I will customize your quote based on your needs: word count, document type, and deadline!

I’m also the mom of a food-allegic kid and founder of AllergyBites. Because allergies bite… but that doesn’t mean we can’t go out for one. 😉

Curious what I can do for you? Wondering what finding the right voice is going to cost? Contact me with questions or for a quote.  Read client testimonials

Companies I’ve been creative for

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Beaches Life Magazine

BeautyNext Group

BentoBox Magazine

Best Allergy Sites

Coco Montreal

Datenight Babysitting

Deepbody Magazine

DonDon Izakaya

Ingle International

Intrepid 24/7


Novus Health

Peak Contact

Personal Health News


sisu production

Study Insured

Teach Away

This Bumpy Adventure

Today’s Parent


Verge Magazine

Vibrant Nutrition